A new article for young riders, article on the preparation of raid horses, one more of the many training methods and that can be a addition to these methods.On the occasion of the collection of works for the students of the course, I have carried out this, concerning the preparation of the horse of raid.THE PREPARATION OF THE HORSE RAID.The preparation of a Raid horse is becoming more and more “scientific”, in the past the horses were worked a lot and many days a week, it was started little by little but a lot of work was put into it and they came to the competition tired and passed in form, nowadays it is trained with the timer and the pulsometer.

Popular methods

The Preparation of the Horse RaidCurrently, horses tend to work less, over known distances, with the stopwatch and the phonendo in hand. You have to know what happens, how you progress and where you go.
After debraving it and giving it an elemental doma, so that the horse is manageable, even if the more doma it has, the more it can be asked, because in so many kilometers, of travel, it is necessary to change hand, when the circumstances of the terrain ask for it.Begin to work a five day week, each day we will run between 8 to 10 Km. Starting with a long step and a bit of trot, but all in all very slowly in the workload, we can not start the first day with the 8 Km or 10 Km. We will go by increasing the distance gradually until you reach that distance, and who we will be saying is the heart rate monitor, because at the end of the training day, we will check the heart rate and the horse has to be at the end of the tour at 64 ppm before the 10 minutes. If he recovers well, the next day we can demand a little more. If he does not recover in those 10 minutes, we have demanded too much of him and we have to lower the workload a little. This work we Keep until our horse is able to do the 8 or 10 km of one pull, all in the Alive trot and with some gallop and recovering easily.

Recovering – how long?

We are talking about a jog between 12 and 14 The Preparation of the Horse Raidkm / h, at this stage of preparation, it is advisable that the sweat of the work dries at the pace and it is advisable not to stop the horse until it is completely dry.How long can this training phase last? it depends on the horse, its athletic ability and its provenance. Since a horse that has grown up in a box and from time to time in a paddok, will need much more time than a horse that has lived in the field and more if it has been in sierra, because it will reach us much more muscular and worked than the one who was born and lives in a box. Anyway, at the most, for this first phase, it can take about 4 months, if we don’t get it in this time, we may be getting the wrong horse.If our horse already makes the 8 or 10 km in just over 40′ a jog and recovers well, and in about 7 minutes it is already below 64 ppm, we can start in the next training phase with three working days per week.


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