Horses usually have different training processes throughout their life, it is not the same to work with an animal expert in the fullness of their career as with an inexperienced one, so the eye of the trainer in these cases will determine the work to be done on the particular horse.

How to teach horse to jump?

When we're teaching a horse to jumpOne of the secrets we can do when we are starting with the jump is to ask another rider with an expert horse from our block to do the same exercises in front of us, while we work by following the tuina of exercises with the expert horse, although for the first one it will only be a mild training session, for our equine it will be an excellent alternative to learn clearly how to recognize the proper movement that must be made for each jump.

It seems to be a lie, but the example in these cases works very well, especially if the horses are from the same block, because in addition to having a link between the two animals, by discard we will be talking about a young horse with an adult, so the admiration and the position in the herd will facilitate the work, which if possible will be ideal that we repeat on several occasions, achieving that the equine manages to incorporate the exercise routine.When you go at the lowest Heights (on the floor at six inches), then do not change your posture when you jump, you will only confuse your horse. He is still adjusting his passage through the Poles, do not leave him out of balance. After reaching 18 inches you only have to slightly raise two points.

What kind of jump you should choose?

You should always praise your horse after a good When we're teaching a horse to jumpjump.Grab some of his mane when you jump, inexperienced horses tend to jump a little bit more. Never finish on a bad note. Often use the leg method in the beginning to urge your horse during the jump.When galloping your horse with the cavaletti, find the right distance from the jump to asking your horse when to jump. Make sure that if your horse goes too slow to jump, ask for more momentum and if they go too fast shortens its pace to get the right distance.Prepare nicely with a warm-up to your horse before you start.Make sure you gallop over smooth poles before you teach him how to jump.Uses poles to heavy, non-PVC tubes or bamboo, so if your horse comes to one of the poles do not scare and he will realize that hitting the poles of the jump is uncomfortable.


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